Antique Repair & Recovery

I’m a European craftsman, woodworker and artist. For many years I have repaired and restored a wide variety of antiques, furniture, vintage radios, classic cars and collectable clocks. Six years ago I settled in Toronto, and I have enjoyed bringing my fine Old World skills to help people recover and restore their household treasures.

My passion is finely-made, beautiful antiques, furniture and artefacts, both new and old. Of course everyone values beautiful antiques. But what about those old items that appear to be too badly deteriorated or damaged to be appealing? I can help you find the aesthetics, usefulness and value that lies within every well-made, restorable antique.

Newer items may become neglected as well, but often are worth restoring. There is no need the throw-away nice items simply because they are not old enough to be antiques. I will help bring such items back to life. I believe it is better to refurbish finely-made newer items than replace them with something of questionable manufacture.

Rest assured, new or old, all your fine items will receive the same first-class attention and gentle care in my hands.

Of course, vintage items need not just be restored to original. Often, our modern, complex lifestyles allow vintage items to take-on new careers, to compliment the sophisticated age in which we live. Many antiques have received a new “career ” with my help. An old wash stand or vanity cabinet can hold the latest flat-screen television and sound system. Vintage buffets and sideboards can be modified to accept new countertops and plumbing fixtures to give your kitchen a retro look with all modern conveniences. Floor-style radios can be a nice wine rack or liquor cabinet. Broken clock can show time again with a new mechanism and restored case. My picture gallery shows some fine examples of antiques now serving new roles in the lives of their proud owners.

My skills include hardware restoration or replacement, to provide the valuable finishing detail of authenticity to any restoration project. During years I created collection of hardware from drawer pulls and locks to hammered nails. Recreations can be made, typically with the same material and patina as original.

On this web site you’ll always find a few pieces looking for a new home. My collection has Photo cameras, clocks, furniture and artefacts. All items are functional and working condition and ready to go.

I am always delighted to provide consultation and frank, honest advice. Not all items warrant full restoration. I take pride in getting to know each item I repair and the role it will play in the owners’ home. Sometimes a limited repair is all that’s required. Regardless of the scope of the project, all projects are performed with a keen eye to preserving our environment, to reuse items from the past to benefit our future.


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